JAP 108

JAP 108

In commemoration of the 301 Sahibzades’ shaheedi Purb

It is a great honour and privilege to be involved with you in this meditation/path for the Sahibzade. Amongst the billions of people around the globe you are the few great souls who have been chosen by Vaheguru to carry out this mahaan seva.

The commemoration of the anniversary of our shaheeds is now. In remembrance of this anniversary you yourselves are making Sikh history. Numbers has never swamped Sikhi, but it has always emphasised quality. You are the true examples of this quality.

The reason why you have been blessed with this seva...

The Sikh nation is a young way of life in comparison to other faiths. We have only just celebrated the 300th tricentenary of the Khalsa Panth as well as the 400th anniversary of the Parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji being our ONE AND ONLY TRUE GURU JI. We do not follow any living, self-proclaimed fake Guru/Gurus.

This meditation/path is being commemorated because it has been 301 years since these great young souls sacrificed their lives so that anyone may choose their own denomination (faith/religion).

The Sahibzade were offered bribes of immense money and wealth, and even though they were at a young age, attempts were made to seduce them with beautiful women from across the Islamic nation in exchange to renounce Sikhi and convert to Islam. They profoundly refused each and every bribe that was offered to them. Suffering the consequences of trials and attempts of humiliation, as well as the most barbaric, unimaginable, physical and mental torture and finally being sentenced to death by being bricked alive. Remember your meditation/path is being done in their honour.

The pages of Sikh history are showered with numerous shaheeds such as Guru Angad Dev Ji, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji and Mata Gujri Ji. There was also the Great Holocaust (Wadda Ghalughara) on 5th February 1762 where between 20,000 and 30,000 Sikh men, women and children were slaughtered in a massacre. Recent times to date include the horrific massacre attempt to ethnically cleanse Sikhs from Hindustan in 1984 by the tyrant evil hell-bent president of the Indian Government Indira Gandhi.

Your Sewa is…

1) To read 108 Japji Sahibs within a period time of 40 days. This will be done in your leisure. However, if possible try to follow this format best as possible:

- 1 in the morning
- 1 in the evening
- 1 before sleeping

Please note this is only a rough guide and that this meditation/path can be done as is convenient to you.

2) The first time you start your path/meditation, it is essential that you take a full shower/bath; this includes washing your hair and full body.

3) Throughout the 40-day period, you are required to shower daily (it is your own prerogative whether you wish to have a full shower/bath or just a body wash). If you are going to be completing a path later on in the day, it is not necessary to have another shower/bath as long as you have had your morning shower/bath.

4) Wherever possible try to wear clean clothes when reading your meditation/path.

5) Every time you meditate, it is essential that you cover your hair.

6) You do not have to complete the Japji Sahib path in one sitting. You can read it ending on a pauri, and then restart from that pauri later on.

7) You will be provided with a calendar to mark off the days. Also on the calendar there will be a tick chart. On completion of a Japji Sahib you can mark this off enabling you to know how many paths you have completed and how much time you have left.

8) As a rough guide you should be completing between 16 and 18 Japji Sahibs meditation/paths per week or 2 - 2 ½ (20 pauris) daily.

9) Catch up sessions will be done once a week during this 40-day period. These Catch up sessions will take place at Gurdwaras around the UK (please refer to website to find nearest Gurdwara, dates and times).

Locations and Dates

Start Date: Thursday 17th November 5.30pm sharp.

Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara,
Sedgley Street/ Duncan Street,

Telephone no. 01902 459413/ 458877

Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara
Akhand Jap of Japji Sahib
Start Date: Saturday 24th December start of Akhand Jap of Japji Sahib.

Bhog Date: Monday 26th December bhog of Akhand Jap of Japji Sahib followed by Rhensabhai.

Guru Nanak Sikh Temple.
Sedgley Street off Dudley Road,
West Midlands.
Tel: 01902 459413.

Bus Routes:
Buses from Wolverhampton City Centre are: 526, 541, 641

Nearest Coach Station and Train Station is Wolverhampton City Centre and both are close to the Bus Station.

Contact Information for Sewadars

For any queries or further information required, please contact the sewadars below.

For more inforamtion please contact email: info@jap108.co.uk or sikhsoc@gmail.com

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