Khalsa Talks
Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!
Khalsa Talks is a series of genuinely inspiring & informative talks on the essence of the Sikh faith.
Lasting just 4 hours, you will have the chance to listen to 2 talks and have your questions answered.

Khalsa Talks in London -
Sat 25 March 2006, 1pm - 5pm

Talk 1: A World of Maya
Talk 2: Unique Sikhi
Q&A: Open Forum

At: Kings College London
Lecture Theatre 1,
New Hunt's House
Guy's Campus,

Nearest Tube/Railway station: London Bridge (Northern/Jubaliee Line and National Rail)

Khalsa Talks are taking place acoss the UK and Seats are limited due to there popularity and high demand we would ask you to please register and reserve your place today via the Khalsa Talks website
Direct Link to register click here.

Food and refreshments will be provided.


More info:

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!
by Sikh Soc @ 3/20/2006 12:19:00 pm
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Rainsbai Kirtan
Hola Mohalla Rainsbai Kirtan in memory of Bhai Ram Singh Jee of AKJ (international) will take place in the evening in Southall


Sat 25 Mar 2006
7pm - 5am

Singh Sabha Gurdwara
2-8 Park Avenue

Sangats from the talk will be travelling to Southall to Rainsbai.
by Sikh Soc @ 3/20/2006 12:16:00 pm
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Guru Gobind Singh Ji had a marvellous foresight; he wanted his Sikhs to have a strong soul, which we achieve by our prayers. He also wanted us to be physically fit and have a disciplined life and Hola can be taken as a symbol or a day, which would remind us that Sikhs need to be physically fit also.

Also, Guru Patshaah wanted us to seek for active forms of entertainment. When one is involved in horsemanship, soldiery, swordsmanship and archery or any other form of sport of today we are actively involved in it as against the passive forms of entertainment like watching television, playing computer games and so on and so forth.

Physical fitness flows from discipline skills. These skills include the ability to organize our life to meet our basic needs adequately, rest, diet, health, hygiene, exercise, reading, prayer, etc. It will help if we draw up an action programme for the acquisition of self-discipline skills. Two important moments of the day are when we get up in the morning and when we go to sleep. In the morning, when we are fresh from sleep, we can resolve to practice this self-discipline and at night we can ask ourselves an account of how have we practised them. Then we may resolve for the following day and go on disciplining ourselves.

Of course, some of you who are reading this are already doing all these because you are at a higher level of functioning and are trying to actualize your potential but this is just a humble effort to share some of my views with all of you.

For Sikhs this is what HOLA day signifies, to make our self externally and internally strong and not by merely wasting our life and doing the things blindly what others do that bear no fruits.
So, let all of us try to be Victorious by overcoming our evils, our own enemies Kaam, Krodh, Lob, Moh & Aanhkar.

|| kaam kroDh lobh moh jeetahu aisee khayl har pi-aaree|| (Ang 1185 SGGS)
Conquer sexual desire, anger, greed and worldly attachment; only such a game as this is dear to the Lord.

|| janam padaarath jin chali-aa naanak aa-i-aa so parvaan thi-aa. || (Ang 1007 SGGS)
Those who depart after having been victorious in this priceless human life - O Nanak, their coming into the world is approved.
by Sikh Soc @ 3/20/2006 12:15:00 pm
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Sikh Youth Conference 06
Event Title: Sikhs in the UK: FACT FICTION AND FUTURE
Event Owner: sikh soc
Event Date: April 5, 2006
Event Type: Single Day Event
Event Post:

Conference 2006

The Sikh Human Rights Group (SHRG) and the British Organisation of Sikh Students (BOSS) present a one day conference on issues affecting the Sikhs in the United Kingdom. A day of lectures and seminars will be presented by eminent and impressive Sikh academics, human rights activists and lawyers. The conference aims to examine and highlight the current issues affecting the Sikhs in the United Kingdom and the impact of global issues on the Sikh Diaspora, security, religious freedom, employment and misconceptions about Sikhs. Graduate /undergraduates these issues affect you - so make your voice heard! The conference is open to all individuals, faiths, communities and organisations. Those with a particular interest in issues affecting Sikhs are especially welcome to attend.

Date: Wednesday 5th April 2006
Time: 10:30am – 5:30pm (Tea and refreshments will be provided for).
Venue: Imperial College, Sir Alexander Fleming Building (No. 5 on the Campus map). Nearest tube South Kensington

Key note speakers will include;

* Professor Gurharpal - Department of Theology, Birmingham University
* Professor Arvind pal Singh Mandair - Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Hofstra University, USA)
* Manjit Singh Gill – Barrister and leading Queens Counsel
* Dr Jasdev Singh Rai - Director of the Sikh Human Rights Group
* Key note speakers from BOSS.

The lectures will cover key topical issues such as Legal invisibility: Sikhs and the law, The Panth in a global world, Facts, fiction and reality of the Sikh Community in the UK, Challenges and Opportunities.

This conference will act as a focus for debate over the issues and concerns affecting the Sikhs and wider Sikh community. .

For more information contact 07971602159 – Whilst the conference is free please register for a full time table and information pack at

Arriving by Air

There are a number of international airports serving London of which the most relevant are probably Stansted, Gatwick and Heathrow. There are a number of means of getting from these airports to Imperial College, including suburban trains, underground trains (the Tube) and buses. Taxis are another, but more expensive option.
Express shuttle trains run from the major London airports into the capital's mainline railway stations.
The Stansted Express runs into Liverpool Street Station, the Heathrow Express terminates at London Paddington Station whilst the Gatwick Express terminates at London Victoria Station. In each case take the Circle Line Underground to South Kensington. It is also possible to take the District Line from Paddington and Victoria Stations but not from Liverpool Street.
Thameslink Railways also run trains from Gatwick Airport (cheaper than the Express) and you simply get off at Blackfriars Station and take the Circle or District Underground Lines (west) to South Kensington Tube Station.

The Piccadilly Underground Line (around 50 minutes) offers one of the cheapest routes into London from Heathrow Airport and goes direct to South Kensington.
Buses run from the airports into Victoria Coach Station, across the road from Victoria Railway Station. Take the Circle or District Line just two stops west from there to South Kensington or take a taxi.
To get to Imperial College from the tube station see below.
Arriving by Train
Details of routes, timetables as well as online ticket purchasing are located via the UK Railways on the Net and National Rail websites. The National Rail site is arguably more comprehensive with links to several different sites for timetables, booking and useful travel link information. Most of the relevant rail stations are conveniently on the Circle or District Lines but from Waterloo Station take the Jubilee Line one stop north to Westminster and then the Circle or District Lines four stops west to South Kensington.
Arriving by Bus
National Express operate a network of buses between all major cities in Great Britain and information on the bus network, including timetables and online booking facilities are available at the National Express website (or telephone +44-(0)875 808080).
Getting around London
The easiest way to get around London is via the extensive London Underground system, but there are also extensive bus services to all parts of London. Pick up information and route maps at the Underground Stations or at Imperial College reception.
Imperial College Campus
The Symposium will be held at the South Kensington Campus of Imperial College. A map showing the location of the campus in South Kensington is available here.
The meeting will take place in the Sir Alexander Fleming Building (No. 5 on the Campus map). Registration will take place at the conference desk immediately outside the lecture theatre from 10:30am on Wednesday 5th April 2006. The conference desk will be open for the duration.
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