London Sikhi Week 2005

by Sikh Soc @ 12/02/2005 07:42:00 am
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Waheguru ji ke khalsa,waheguru ji ke fateh

I’m a Sikh by name maybe not by nature, I tell you this because it seems the state of our community is one of denial towards there Identity. I was once told by a Gur-Sikh that it’s not a Sikh the Guru loves it the Reith he honours. So on this note I would like you and your viewer to heed my call for any one that seeks to be a Sikh of the Guru to act now as we all have the obligation, to keep alive the Sikh’y that millions have given there life for.

If you would allow, I would like to tell you about my self and my expressions and about a Gur-Mukh that’s very close to my heart.

I’m now in my Twenties and am thinking to my self I’ve been practicing Sikh’y for 10 years and have I really achieved anything, No Amrit Wela, no real Ebiase or Reith I feel that has been worth the effort and time.

While taking to a friend about Sikhy and about what he had achieved in this past 15 years by attending Reainsubys, camps and Amrit Wela programmes, he replied too me not anything I can show. At that time before going he told me about a Gur-Sikh he had met at one of his friend’s house, he was told me about how all he preached was the importance of Simran and that is our only salvation from Myia. I said I’ve heard this all before from my studies of Gur-Bani and that my Guru has stated in Anand Shiab the gifts you receive by being Abaissi, and that neither of us have attained any of these spiritual gifts. He continued to say that my friends Dad goes to visit him every Sundays, and it hit me that once at an Akand Path Shaib his father had told me to come along to a program on Sunday,
I was sure this was the same program that he had told me of months ago, so I told my friend that I would like to go the next time this Bhai Shaib was down.

It was three month before he contacted me, he told me that he is in town and that I should come, so I did. He picked me up and I went to this program, when I got there I sat outside and listened while Bhai Shaib did kirtan and katha on the importance of doing Simran, this was un-like any other program I had been to previously, and was intoxicating to listen too, he asked the Sungat to Jup together and when they started the room vibrated Waheguroo Waheguroo it was amazing to hear 50 plus Gur-Sikhs Juping in one 'Tun'

Soon after I was invited to a program at Bhai Shiabs house, he sat us all down me my father and the Sungat, and started to explain what Gur-Bani was trying to teach us and what the real meaning of Japi Je Shaib is and what Guru Nanak was telling us in Japi Je Shaib. He pulled out a white board and took us through parts of Japi Jee Shaib that I had read 100’s of time but never rely understood what was been told to me.

I left that room that day learning more about Sikhy then I did over the last 6 years. I spoke to my friend about this; he replied this was nothing that there were people in this very room after spending time with Bhai Shiab learning about Gur-Bani and doing Ebiass for 13 hours in a row had archived, Amrit Raas Anhod vaji, Ruom Ruom simran and much more. Most shocking was that Bhai Shab Bhai Rama Singh Jee had spent 3 months with Bhai Shiab. A Gur-Mukh I admire so much. I can remember going to Saas Gras programs with him and just not being able to take my eyes of him, such was his presence. Once also allowed me to help him butter the Rotis at the old Havlock Gurudwara, a day I’ll never-forget.

In my 10 years of searching for someone to guide me to my guru, he just turned up on my door step. Maharajah explains once you find this servant of the true guru never let go of his robe, and I don’t attend to.

I would love for your viewers who read and follow our Guru, who my have doubts on there efforts and devotion to obtain Amrat Ras, Roum Roum simran and Anhud Vaji or just the ability to concentrate while doing Simran.

To please contact me for Bhai Shiab Bhai Ajeet Singh Jee Details.


Waheguru ji ke khalsa,waheguru ji ke fateh

Please note that Amrit Raas and so on are things obtain by doing Simran these shouldn’t be the things that make you call; It should be to obtain the love for our Sat-Guru, Guru Granth Shaib Jee Maharajah.