Paintballing Massacre

Ekta Paintballing Massacre
Wednesday 1st March 2006

So what’s included?- entry!!- 200 paintballs- Lunch- CoachIt's a pretty amazing offer. We're booking 3 coaches.. 1 to leave from West London (likely to be Brunel Uni), 1 to leave from Central London (likely to be around King's or even Euston area) and one to leave from East London (Queen Mary's).So we are looking at atleast 150 students at paintballing from across London.what can be better than that!!TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW!!You don’t have to be from London although transport is being provided from various points through out London.This event will be open to all!.. so make sure you tell your mates! 07908 94 34 26
by Sikh Soc @ 2/14/2006 11:46:00 am
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