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Sikhi Camp 2006

The British Organisation of Sikh Students is holding its annual summer Sikhi Camp from the 24th – 29th July, 2006. Sikhi camp has been a constant source of inspiration for young Sikhs since it started 10 years ago. The camp provides a chance to meet young Sikhs from all over the UK and Europe and experience Sikhi. The organisers describe the camp as a “residential action packed 6 days aiming to create an environment that is unlike anything else out there.”

Sikhi Camp 2006 will be marking the 400th anniversary of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji's Shaheedi (martyrdom) to uphold the ideals of truth, freedom and justice, as well as a number of other historical milestones. The camp features excellent talks, small group discussions, kirtan darbars with English katha (explanations) of Gurbani, action packed outdoor activities all set out in the beautiful countryside.

Every Sikh is proud of their heritage and wants to learn more about the works and basic teachings of our great Gurus, however many young people dread being looked down upon or being preached at. Sikhi Camp like other Gurmat camps for students is far from it. One camper described, “I was scared at first because I have never been to camp before and I cut my hair. However, staying a week at the camp changed my perspective and I am so glad that I went. People were so friendly; I learnt lots, made many friends and had an enjoyable week. I now understand and respect those who follow the Guru’s Path and hope one day I walk in the same direction.”

So who can attend Sikhi Camp? It’s for anyone over 16 years old who is interested in learning the basics about Sikhi in a friendly, relaxed and non-judgemental environment. It doesn't matter how religious one is. It's all about how keen you are to learn. “Everyone is Welcome!” It’s only £55 for 6 days in the British countryside with the benefit of loads of fun activities, inspirational talks and discussions. There is a £5 discount for applications received 30th May 2006.

One camp sewadar said, “The six day Sikhi Camp is amazing if you really want to know what it’s like though, rather than just read about it on websites, or hear about it from your friends, go and find out for yourself, and experience for your self the Vibe at Sikhi Camp.”

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